7-10 years

Resilience for Kids

Our weekly 'Resilience for kids' training is the best way to teach your child to become verbally and physically resilient, increase their social skills and raise their confidence in a way that fits their age. 

It's important that your child is resilient, assertive and shows enough self-confidence to cope with situations that arise. Especially in society right now it's very important that they know how to behave in those situations. A child that shows resilience will be able to set boundaries, defend him/herselve and is not afraid to give their opinion. 

Exactly that is what we do: training kids to become verbally and physically resilient, and if necessary enhance their self confidence and social skills. 

What is Resilience for Kids?

To enhance the resilience for children we use the principles and methods of Krav Maga.

Krav Maga is not a sport with a competition structure. It is a complete self-defense system that teaches to defend against punches, kicks, holds and alike. But we also teach to be verbally resilient. And if necessary to fight back.

The techniques your child will learn are a variation on the Krav Maga techniques for adults. The techniques are adapted to the mental and physical state of the age group your child is part of.

Within this unique form of self defense for kids the children learn in a playful manner how to react is tough situations. This way they boost their confidence and improve their social skills at the same time. 

We also teach children to become verbally resilient. Be clear about what you want the other person to do or not do. At the same time we pay attention to their posture and behaviour. And if you can prevent getting into the situation that is even better, so we explain and train that as well.

Unfortunately, preventing a situation and solving things verbally doesn't always work. That is why we teach children how to respond in tough situation and how to fight back if there is no other option available. Of course we do that 'the Krav Maga way' - so without 'good sportsmanship' (but during training with safety in mind!)

The goal for the Resilience for Kids training is to get out of a situation as soon as you can so you can return home safely. 

What will kids learn during the Krav Maga classes?

A class takes 45 minutes. To make sure all muscles are ready for the training we always start with a warm-up. Next we will practice different scenarios and techniques to make your child more resilient. These scenarios can be everyday situations in which the children are taught to stand up for themselves, but also threathening situations that a child may encounter. 

Besides that we also train to improve the stamina and become stronger. We do this during the practice time, and a little bit more intensive at the end of the class. 

All of this is done in a playful manner, and when done we split up in smaller groups of 2 or 3 children so they can practice getting the details right. This improves the speed of learning and therefore their skills. 

And of course we have small breaks where you can have a zip of water, make jokes and use the teachers as a climbing frame or punching bag. 

But what if my child...

We get this question a lot from parents, and the sentence is finished with words like: 'has ADD/ADHD?', 'is being bullied?' or 'doesn't like sports/fighting?'  Our experience is that as soon as the kids join the trial lesson the worry beforehand seems to be fully unnecessary. 

The best way to find out if Resilience for Kids is suitable for your child is to let him or her join a trial lesson. In our groups there is no room for bullying or aggression of any kind. Everybody trains with everybody, and this creates a healthy atmosphere and good group dynamics. Based on your childs background we will match your child during the trial lesson with somebody who we see as a good match.

In case we think that our training is not a good fit for your child we will honestly tell you after the trial lesson and explain why. That is why it is important to let us know if anything is playing in your child's life so we can take that into account.

Resilience for Kids: What do you need to attend?

To participate in a (trial) lesson you need the following:

  • Comfortable sport or gym clothing
  • Clean indoor shoes (no black soles or soles that leave marks)
  • A bottle of water
  • A small towel (optional)
  • A small snack (banana, muesli bar etc.) (optional)

Protective gear like a mouth guard, groin protector or shin protectors is not necessary for beginners.

Request a Trial Lesson!

Please click the button below to request a trial lesson for your child. You will receive an email from us with more information and a date and time for the trial lesson for your child.

The trial lesson is free of charge. During the trial lesson it is mandatory that a parent is present at all times.

Did your child enjoy the trial lesson? Then you can sign up for regular weekly classes. Your child will be able to start regular classes as soon as there is a spot available in the group. 

Dorieke Double Defense Krav Maga Instructor